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An International Performing Artist Rajan Kumar is a master of art and used to performing all over the world but currently he is busy preparing the release of his debut film SHEHAR MASEEHA NAHI in which he has done the main lead. He is also the producer of this film. The movie has been censored with a "U" certificate, without any cut.
Hailing from Munger (Bihar), Rajan Kumar is a born talent who has won hands down many awards in whatever segment that he forays into. He was very been to become an international performing artist since his ingenuity, curiosity and hard work. The precocious actor is now getting his due for he is flooded with awards.
After completing his course in acting from HCRT Mandi N S D and Kishor Namit Kapoor Acting School, Rajan Kumar learnt dance and martial arts too giving performances when opportunities came his way. In 1998 he received the National Award for best Chhau Dance in Kolkata from the Ministry of H.R.D. He also got the Best Actor award from Lalitkala Sansthan, Agra University. In International Taj Mahotsav, he played the character of Shahjahan and received award and Excellence in Art Certification from U.P. Government. He was also the recipient of Mascot of Lion award by presenting his skills in Afro-Asian Games held in Delhi. Despite his busy and heavy schedule, the gifted actor has also represented India in International Performing Art programs.
Adding one more feather to his prodigious outpouring is the fact that his name has been recorded in Gunnies Book of Records and Limca Book of Records in 2010 as The Charlie Chaplin-2. Also since last three years, he is been handling National Parades in the illustrious presence of the President and Prime Minister of India held in Delhi every year.
This extraordinary actor has now been nominated for the Padmashree Award in 2016. As is the want of current crop of actors, Rajan Kumar too has been doing commercials by endorsing brands like Mitashi Electronics and Aramusk (perfumes) and Varmora Tiles.
Currently, the actor is concentrating on his debut Hindi movie SHAHER MASEEHA NAHI which is based on the novel Shaher Maseeha Nahi, Written by Arunendra Bharati who is also involved in the creative team. The movie shows the talent of Bihar which is an answer to the people who perceive Bihar as a poor state both in intellectual and social terms but my film SHEHAR MASEEHA NAHI will show the real picture of Bihar who always think that Nation comes first and their innate desire to contribute in various ways to build a dynamic and prosperous India. This film will portray our true culture and civilization. There are totally five songs in this movie and all the songs are melodious including one Holi song. The picturisation and choreoghaphy of all the songs have been done with a panache that represents the mood of the young generation today. Even though the takeaway from the film is a strong social message, it's loaded with entertainment that includes the well arrest cinegoer's heart. "I want to tell the industry people that each and every aspiring actor should get their due in terms of opportunity. Also I would like to say that challenging roles is most important for me and money comes only after that,"Rajan Kumar explains. Rajan Kumar finally signs off by revealing that he is working on two projects titled DAUGHTER OF BIHAR and SECRET AGENT CHARLIE CHAPLIN-2 and BUBBLE GUM.

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